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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a pool need weekly services?

If you want a pool that's not only crystal clear but always PH balanced for health and safety then, YES, weekly service is mandatory. It doesn't take long for your pool to become unbalanced and unfit to enjoy. Consistent maintenance is the only way to keep it sparkling clean and ready for use.

Is Price the Most Important Factor when Hiring a Pool Service Company?

Definitely not. We have all heard of the saying "you get what you pay for" right? In other words, cheaper isn't always better. For example, you might get a cheaper price from someone who is trying to break into the industry but they don't have the experience. Because of this, they can't warrant charging higher prices so they go cheap to get business. The risk is that their inexperience in proper pool maintenance can end up costing you dearly. Here are the questions you should be asking potential pool service companies before you begin price comparisons.

  • Is the pool company properly licensed and insured in your state?
  • Are they certified pool and spa operators (CPO) trhought the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)?
  • Do they have 10+ years of expiernce in the pool industry?
If you can find multiple pool service companies bearing the criteria above, then call them for a FREE Estimate. At this point it would be a feature-by-feature comparison and from there determine what price range works best for you.

Why should I Hire a Pool Service Company?

Saving money, time and having a peace of mind are very good reasons. Don't waste your valuable time searching up how to properly maintain your pool. Your pool is for enjoyment, so stay stress-free and let Cantu Pool Services worry about the maintenance. Sooner or later most homeowners run into problems and they end up calling a pool service company anyway. Unfortunatley, the problem has become severe enough that it often takes a moderate amount of attention to remedy. Unexpected costs like this could be avoided by having a professional pool service company like Cantu Pool Services maintain your pool.

How much do Pool Services Cost?

Pool service cost varies on distance, size and condition of pool. Please feel free to call or fill out an online form to get your FREE estimate!

Wouldn't it Be Easier if I Took Care of My Pool?

In order to properly maintian your pool to ensure a saftey and healthy swimming environment, you'll have to adhere to a strict weekly maintenance schedule. It will include the balancing of all pool chemical levels (Chlorine, alkalinity, free chlorine, PH & TDS), brushing all your pool walls and steps, vacumming your pool, emptying canisters to remove debris and more! If this sounds "easy" and enjoyable then maintaing your own pool may be for you. Keep in mind that certified pool and spa professionals, such as Cantu Pool Service are trained to notice subtle changes in your pools preformance. If they sense an issue they can immediately address it BEFORE it becomes a major problem. This kind of expertise is not something the common pool owner has but will save you a lot of money and worries in the long run.

Will an Acid/Chlorine Wash make my pool look brand new again?

Doing an acid/chrorine wash will dramatiaclly improve the apperance of your pool by turning that green swamp into a pool again. Although your pool will look great, due to variances in staining, there is no gurantee an acid/chlorine wash will remove all staining.

"Why is my pool pump being SO noisey!?"

These are the top 2 issues we encounter.

  1. Blocked suction line (check skimmers, main drain and pump basket)
  2. The motor bearings have worn down and are failing, the motor will need to be rebuild or replaced.

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